Friday, May 24, 2013

Back "home"

Well, I've been back in America for almost a full week now. Weird.

Coming home was a mix of emotions. Relief, sadness, happiness, confusion, denial, and a bit of gloominess. I'm still not over the hump. I knew coming back would be hard and was right. It's a big adjustment.

 I compare everything to Copenhagen ("The people looked so much prettier." "They don't use coupons in Denmark").

I always think of my host family and Espergaerde. They really are a second family to me.

It's really difficult to explain to people where I was the last four months. They just ask, "So, what language do they speak over there?" or "What was your favorite part?" I wish they could understand, or that I could somehow let them understand what an experience it was for me. It wasn't just some sort of a travel trip or a vacation. It was more.

Some life updates:

  • Got my horizontal Ohio driver's license. 21!
  • Turned 21 on Monday May 20. Finally :-)
    • Had a nice dinner at The Melting Pot with my parents, grandparents, and Emily May's family.
  • Dad took me to New Jersey and Philadelphia
  • Finished unpacking from Denmark. Started packing for Cedar Point.  

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