Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"See you later"

 Every time I think of Friday I start to cry a little. Here are some pictures from today and yesterday.

I think that may have been my last time on the train. That's my "sad, confused, and upset" face.  

I went into the ocean today. It was quite cold. I finally did it though. I touched the water. 

Signe's jumping lesson today. Tiger finally made it over. :) They look great together. 

Me and my new best friend Muffin. She is a Jutland horse and is new at the riding school. This has always been my favorite type of horse: big and palomino colored.  

I braided her mane for a solid twenty minutes. She was so sweet and let me do it. 

 My going away party :( But this picture is fantastic :)

Eating desert and chatting at the party

Me, Liz and Jen. Yay! 

Gitte made a delicious dinner. Note the meat on the salad is llama meat. It was yummy. 

Gitte with the dinner she prepared and the personalized oven mitt from Italy. This is a nice picture.  

In Copenhagen today, I saw the Queen's guards marching. I had to take a picture of the clarinets and how they haven't memorized their music. The Hilliard Darby Marching Band looks better. Just saying. 

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