Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Legal for Less


My host mom took me to the Helisngor Kommune where I applied for my free healthcare card. I got my letter in the mail with my CPR card (I have to carry it with me at all times, because it says I'm legally allowed to be here. When I go back to America I have to mail it back.) When we got to the Kommune, we took a number (you always take a number here. In the bakery. At the bank. Take a number and sit.) and they called us in two minutes. I had to make sure I had all the right papers with me and then sign some sort of form. It was surprisingly quick and painless.
This afternoon I got my CPR number so I'm registered legal with DIS.

I'm currently looking for a photojournalism subject because I found out we can't do anyone related to DIS so that means no host siblings or host parents. If I can't find anyone, I'll do my host parent's friend or cousin. But I think our professor wants us to find a stranger and photograph them. I'm on the lookout for nice strangers for Friday. So if you know any Danish people who want to be photographed for my class, let me know. Hahaha.

Cheng and I went exploring in the city together. It was snowing and very cold but it was a nice trip.

For dinner, we had pizza from a local pizza shop. It was much thinner and lighter. I had like 4 slices and was fine. I had a spicy pepperoni pizza with bacon, a potato pizza with onion, and a pizza with ham and gorgonzola blue cheese.

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