Monday, February 11, 2013


In my creative travel writing class, we were workshopping five or six essays in class. One guy wrote in his essay, "I was excited to travel to the land of sexually promiscuous women." When I read that last night, it bothered me but I shrugged it off as that guy being stupid. In class, an Asian girl raised her hand and told the class that that line really bothered her because it made women seem like sex objects. Right after she said that, Mr. Douchebag with a Speech Impediment says, "Well aren't they?" Oh I wanted to strangle him. The whole class (well, mostly the girls) gasped and our professor was just like, "Okay...moving on..." After class, I stayed around and told the Asian girl that I was so glad she spoke up about that line in his paper because it bothered me too. She seemed surprised that I said that to her, but I wanted her to feel proud for standing up for her beliefs and know that that guy was an asshole to her. So that was my excitement for the day.

I needed to find a place to chill and get wi fi, so I went to Baresso which is like Starbucks. I stood in line for ten minutes just to get a small coffee. The place was packed. The longer I stayed, the more little kids (with no parents) came in and the louder they screamed and cried. This week is like a winter holiday so everyone doesn't have school or work. So I guess that's why all the kids in Copenhagen were out and about today, choosing to annoy me. I left, went back to DIS, and was more productive.

Blake came home with me today and we booked our travel plans to Italy. We're flying to Vienna, Austria and then taking a train to Venice. From Venice we take a train to Florence and then to Rome where we fly back to Copenhagen. We booked our hostels for each city too. It was difficult and eye opening to make my own travel plans.

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