Sunday, December 30, 2012


I found out who my host family is! Yay! I was really surprised. I wasn't expecting to find out until January 4th. I went on Facebook and saw Miaja's status about finding out who her family is. I texted both of them and I'm glad they like their families.

My family has two daughters, ages 15 and 18, a horse and a dog, and they own a cheese shop!

Lynhjems eftf. Ole Jensen
Now I can rest my nerves because I will be staying with a great family.

Today Dad and I went bowling. I like bowling until I remember how bad I am at it. I think I bowled like a 60. Then Dad got the cars washed, we got Tim Hortons and went to the library. Lots of driving around Hilliard. 

We got the Halter's cows, cats, and chickens then our horses. Mom made the cheddar brocoli soup that Uncle Donald gave us. I spent the evening watching VH1 Top songs of the 90s and 00s while eating chocolate. Oh yeah.  

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