Saturday, December 29, 2012


I have a headache. I don't know why but ever since we came back from the mall, I've had a throbbing headache.
Here is my schedule for Denmark:
Monday: Strategic Communication 8:30-9:50 Creative Travel Writing 11:40- 1 International Reporting 2:50-4:10
Tuesday: Photojournalism 11:40-1:00 Human Trafficking in a Global Context 1:15- 2:35
Thursday: Strategic Communication 8:30-9:50  Creative Travel Writing 11:40-1 International Reporting 2:50- 4:10
Friday: Photojournalism 11:40-1:00 Human Trafficking in a Global Context 1:15- 2:35

It's an odd schedule. I have hump day off. That's strange. Most of my classes are in the afternoon. This past semester I had morning classes and I found that to work out better than when I had afternoon classes last year because I would get so sleepy in class. Afternoon = nap time. Just kidding, naps are for babies.

Last night I went and saw Perks of Being a Wallflower with my mom. It sounds like I don't have friends and that's why I saw it with my mom but I do have friends. It's easy to make plans with my mom, she asked if I wanted to see a movie, and she paid. We both really liked the movie. It was much darker than I expected. The day before I saw the movie I bought the book on my ipad for just four bucks. I'm almost done reading it. The book is just as good as the movie. One of the things that I love most about the book is how it is written. It's these short sentences that start with It or I. They aren't long drawn out cryptic sentences. They are simple sentences written at a middle school level. I also like how it's so much more than a high school story. The kids deal with very adult issues and they act like mature adults. I think it's a relatable story, in what the kids go through, a lot of people can relate.

Today we had a clinic at Broad St. It was really busy. This one dog smelled disgusting. That was the most memorable part. The dog that smelled like poop. No seriously. I couldn't breathe, it was so nasty. In the evening after I took a nap (if naps are for babies I'm a baby) we went to the mall. Anyway we returned my boots I bought earlier and a christmas present. We looked and looked for lace up ankle motorcycle boots but no one had them in my size. On our way out we stopped into the Total Comfort store and I saw a pair of boots I really liked. I put them back down but then picked them back up. My mom said that if I would wear them a lot, then she would buy them. I tried them on and I really liked them. Uggs are so soft and comfy. I really wanted them and my parents liked them so they bought them for me. Yay!

I took some acetaminophen and am feeling better. No more headache.

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